About Us

Meloni Business and Information Technology School (MBITS) is a professional training institution delivering academic and professional training courses in business and information technology. We are poised to deliver the highest quality of learning for which is of international accreditation and standard.

Meloni has also been operating as a business, management and information technology consulting service provider successfully delivering its services to over 70 client organizations in Sierra Leone. This has helped us developed a better understanding of what organizations are looking for and what prospecting candidates must have.

Sierra Leone has introduced the free quality education from pre-primary to Senior Secondary School. In 2019, a total of 105,685 students sat to the WASSCE (West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Exams). All the Universities in Sierra Leone can only accommodate somewhere less than 50% of these students. The number of students is set to increase year after year. However, the bottle neck is that at tertiary level there are fewer institutions to accommodate these students and develop them further.

In addition, there is a significant skills gap at tertiary level which makes it difficult for graduates from universities and other tertiary institutions to get employment and function effectively in their job roles for entry level professionals.

Most of all, we produce very many professionals who are job dependent leading to more problems for a nation with an economy that cannot provide as much jobs as that needed by its professionals. If there is any time, we need more entrepreneurs, more problem solvers and innovators. It is now!


Why Choose Us

Meloni Business and Information Technology School has developed a learning method and objective that would be unique from traditional learning methods and objectives. One of the major results our research has shown is that learning has been for earning certificates and not skills. This has had an adverse rippling effect on learners which makes it difficult to achieve the merits of learning.

We are different because we are bringing a phenomenon into learning of which our core team have also transitioned


Our mission is to transform minds through learning to become problem solvers.


Making an idle mind an innovation workshop


We adhere to the highest ethical standards to make learning with us and learning achievement credible.


Going above limits to deliver quality learning outcomes.


Creating an open space for diversity of background


We strive for excellence through innovation and creativity

Student Centered

Promote lifelong learning and problem solving

Benefits of pursuing courses with Meloni Business Information Technology School

Remember we are different we are transforming minds to become innovation workshop. We are changing the whole concept of learning for certificates to learning for purpose. Simply put, we are helping people put more relevance to the very certificates they hold by ensuring the knowledge and skills surpass the certificates they carry.

Meloni has been a consulting firm with over 8 (eight) years delivering solutions for organizations from all sector ranging from small to medium enterprises across public sector, private companies and nonprofit organizations.

Join us for a bright career