Qualitative characteristics of financial statements

The Fundamental and Enhancing Qualitative Characteristics Essay Example

Other users of financial statements are the governments, general public, employees, suppliers, and customers . The government uses financial statements to confirm the tax returns of a given company.

The Fundamental and Enhancing Qualitative Characteristics Essay Example

Increases in equity of a particular business enterprise resulting from transfers to it from other entities of something of value to obtain or increase ownership interests in it. All information required for the user to understand how that number was generated and what it means.

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They increase the usefulness of information that is relevant and faithfully represented. However, the framework acknowledges that information may not possess all of the enhancing characteristics but that it may still be useful.

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If information were not that important, it would make no sense at all to invest that much to acquire it. It is a rather costly affair for small and medium sized enterprises. This is because it takes up a huge chunk of capital outlay, which may not be affordable by such organizations. It is also not consistent with growth of the organization especially if not futurist in nature. It means an organization may have to come up with a wholly new system when the organization grows further which means other costs.

The Fundamental and Enhancing Qualitative Characteristics

Information is material if it has the ability of influencing the decisions of users and thus the IAS requires each and every material item to be presented individually in the financial statements. For immaterial amounts, they require not to be presented individually (Everingham, Kleynhans& Posthumus, 2008, 20). The cash flow statement provides the users with information concerning the sources of cash and also how the cash was utilized in a certain period. https://online-accounting.net/ Another important tool that is used for providing the external users is the notes. Notes plays an important role of providing key details concerning a firm’s accounting practices as well as other important factors that can affect the firm’s financial performance. Understandability is the degree to which information is easily understood. In today’s society, corporate annual reports are in excess of 100 pages, with significant qualitative information.

Pros And Cons Of GAAP However, over the recent past, heated debates have sprung to forester the shift toward use The Fundamental and Enhancing Qualitative Characteristics Essay Example of international standards. Outflows or using up of assets as part of operations of a business to generate sales.

Qualities of Useful Financial Information:

A single description in financial reports may correspond to multiple economic phenomena. For instance, the plant and equipment presents in the balance sheet may stand for all the plant and equipment that owned by entity. The qualitative characteristics of accounting information are important because they make it easier for both company management and investors to utilize a company’s financial statements to make well-informed decisions. Materiality is said to be one of the pervasive constraint on financial reporting because it attribute to all the qualitative characteristics.

The Fundamental and Enhancing Qualitative Characteristics Essay Example

For instance, depreciation of plant and equipment by using straight line method can be highly predictable every year, but it cannot assist in evaluating the net cash flows. This refers to safeguarding of information contained in systems that are computerized. In the current world of e business, almost every aspect of business is done electronically. This includes acquisition of raw materials , sale of goods and products and more importantly e payments. This includes wire transfers of money from one point to another. This means that companies need to come up with better ways to safeguard this information flow . The design of the whole system, subsequent implementation and usage should go through process and should capture relevance.

Qualitative Characteristics of Accounting Information

This will create a dependency that will trigger an even greater need to secure information. Competition has to be regulated to shield companies from unsavoury rivals who may be out there to sabotage another’s information .

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